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MSC Method -Mobile Package System-

 Sludge treatment technology by MSC improves large amount of soil economically in very short time due to its large flocculation ability, dewatering process and separation function. It's advanced method treats SS, COD, N, P in the treated water. MSC does not affect the Eco- system and it largely contributes in building a good place for fish and aqatic organisms.Thus conserving the Eco-system.
 Polluted water treatment system "MSC Hyper" is a mobile type treatment system which includes high flocculation ability of MSC. And because of its in-vehicle size, it's able to go to the site directly and continuously conduct treatment easily. It removes SS and improves transparency as well as change the COD level to clear the water standards for drainage.

 MSC's high flocculation ability has made it possible to treat and process fine suspendid solids and hazardous substances that were not able to be processed in the conventional coagulation-sedimentation process technology. It has been proved that there is no secondary pollution and any effect on the separated soil and water toward the ecosystem.
 MSC has demonstrated work for wastewater treatment from various industries. By installing MSC with the existing treatment facilities, the processing function can be improved.
 Construction site wastewater Industry wastewater Mud water Lake/Marsh/River
 ■Shield construction wastewater ■Food industry wastewater ■Organic bottom sediment
 ■Excavation wastewater ■Car industry wastewater ■Industrial waste sludge
 ■Concrete wastewater ■Stone industry wastewater ■Livestock excretion sludge
 ■Road cutter wastewater ■Concrete industry wastewater ■Wastewater treatment
 ■Bentonite ■Roofing tile industry wastewater ■Sewer treatment

 MSC doesn't need large mixing, dewatering system due to its flocculation ability, hydrophobizing function. It's easy to install and works continuously .
 It is high function and flexible to treat small to large amount
 There is no secondary pollution (bad odor・water contamination・flow of mud)
 The separated soil can be recycled
 It is economical, low treatment cost
 Mobile and able to conduct vehicle-installation

Model Capability Line size Lifting height Electric requirements Weight
MH-200P 2㎥/h 40φ 5m 200V 2.0 kw 360㎏
MH-500P 5㎥/h 50φ 7m 200V 3.5 kw 400㎏
MH-1000 10㎥/h 65φ 10m 200V 5.5 kw 500㎏
MH-2000 20㎥/h 75φ 10m 200V 6.75 kw 600㎏
◆Common ●MSC:Supplying a certain amount to the Line Mixer(the amount can be adjusted manually)
●Polymer coagulant:Supplying a certain amount to the Line Mixer(the amount can be adjusted manually)
●Solid-liquid separator:Double bag type dehydrator(Static pressuer)
●Treated soil:Transportable in the inner bag
Option ●Agent dissolution tank:MSC, polymer coagulant
●PH adjustment:Alkali disollution tank and perfusion pump
●Rotating separator:500φ, 2kw、350㎏
 ※Weight indicates empty MSC Hyper weight.
 ※Power generator is required if there is no electricity supply .
 ※Please consult us for smaller of larger amount treatment systems other than specified. 
 ※Please consult us if heavy metals,harmful matters etc are included in the treatment target.

For Installation
 ●Information: Please give us the condition of the target area to provide optimum additive amount of MSC according to water quality, sludge condition and concentration.
 ●Confirmation test: We will conduct a coagulation-sedimentation site verification test by MSC and the polymer flocculant.
 ●Method proposal: We offer the best method considering the economic efficiency,processing method for separating soil,conditions of the disposal site and etc.

Water purification by MSC
Water index Removal rate
SS 80~99%
COD 50~80%
TN, TP 50~80%
Heavy Metals 50~90%
   ※The effect depends on water quality and condition

MSC Method
Prevention against bad odor
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