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Activated CarbonFiber Mask
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Activated CarbonFiber
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  Activated CarbonFiber Mask 3DJP Type


 ・Prevention against hospital infection
 ・Medical Mask(surgical mask)
 ・Visiting to or staying at medical treatment facility
  where we concern about infection
 ・In the crowd
 ・Place where there might be new flu infection


 ・Using high quality special activated CarbonFiber
 ・Catching odor such as bad breath or empyema
 ・Catching infection virus such as new type virus
 ・Fitting to face by 3D structure


Name MiraMask 3D-JP
Model Number 3DAMJPES−A
Function Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE)  99.9%
Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE)  98.68 %
Air Exchange Pressure (P)  6.20 mmH2O/cm2
Antibacterial activity test Staphylococcus
99.9 %
99.9 %
Eschericia coli 99.9 %
Sales Unit 1 package ・50piece/50box=
Retail sales  ・50 piece in one box
  ・10 piece or 5 piece in a set
Note  ・Size:Adult(there are kids type)
 ・Standard Color:White
 ・Ear suspension
 ・It fits to 【NIOSH-N95】 which is dust mask specification.
 ・It has same function with 【EN149 FFP2】 which is EU specification.

3DJP type catalog download

※About Function (For more mask function!)
 ・Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) indicates efficiency that filters particlers, average size 3μm,
   including bacteria.
 ・Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) indicates efficiency that filters solid particles.
 ・Drop pressure (P) indicates the easiness of breathing.
 ・Fluid Resistance (FR)indicates the resistance to pressure when fluid sreads out.
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