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Activated CarbonFiber
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  ACF Mask Cone Type


 ・Dust discharging sites
 ・Harmful gas discharging sites
 ・Fine particle matters and harmful gas discharging
 ・Asbestos discharging sites
 ・Sites occured natural disaster, earthquake・volcano
 ・Dust discharging facilities such as factories or
  construction sites


 ・Using high quality special activated CarbonFiber
 ・This mask effectively functions at harmful gas and dust
  discharging sites
 ・It fits to face by nosepiece and urethan
 ・It is hardly off the mask while working due to headband
  as well as easy to wear.

Product Specification

Name MiraMask Cone Type
Model Number E120−PS−B
Specification EN149 FFP2
Function Filtration Efficiency (E) 99.9 %
Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE)  99.9 %
Air Exchange Pressure (ΔP) 8.11 mmH2O/cm2
Fluid Resistance (FR) 120Hg−none
Adosorption Activity Isoporpyl alcohol 10.0 %
Acetone 12.5 %
Toluene 13.5 %
Butane 13.0 %
Sales unit 1 package    ・20 pieces/box×20 box=400 pieces
Retail sales    ・20 pieces in one box
Note  ・Size:Adult
 ・Standard Color:Blue
 ・Parallel Suspension Type

Cone type catalog download

※About Specification ( For more mask specification!)
  EN specification was established as European standard specification due to EU integration
  U.S.NIOSH specification N95 has same function of 【EN149 FFP2】.
  Actual function acheves to 【EN149 FFP3】 which is highest specification.

※About Function (For more mask function!)
 ・Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) indicates efficiency that filters particlers, average size 3μm,
   including bacteria.
 ・Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) indicates efficiency that filters solid particles.
 ・Drop pressure (P) indicates the easiness of breathing.
 ・Fluid Resistance (FR)indicates the resistance to pressure when fluid sreads out.
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