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Activated CarbonFiber Mask
Mask International Specification
For function index of mask, there are Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) and Particle FiltrationEfficiency (PFE), and these are specified by international specifications.
Europe: EN specification (EN149)
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health: NIOSH specification
Japan National Assay Specification

EN Specification CE EN149
EN specification is European standards which were build due to the integration of the EU.
EN149FFP is for dust respirators which is satisfied of EN specification.

NIOSH Specification
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) in Department of Health and Human Services established this specification for dust respirators.
With regard to N95, N means not resistant to oil. In addition, 95 indicates that a mask can catch test particle more than 95%. According to tuberculosis infection prevention guideline in U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the specification is established for prevention of aerial infection.

Japan National Assay Specification
Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry in Japan established this specification for dust respirators.
In case of work in dusty environment, it must use masks satisfied with national assay, that doesn't need for virus prevention and disaster sites.

Comparison of International Specification for dust respirators
Specification Europe EN Specification U.S. NIOSH Specification Japan National Assay Specification
Particle NaCl NaCl NaCl
Size 0.6m 0.075+0.02m 0.060.10m
Type Disposable Disposable Disposable
Note FFPFiltering Face Piece
FFP2Middle Level
FFP3High Level
NNot resistant to oil DDisposable
Test particle diameter for EN specification is mass median aerodynamic diameter.
The size is same with 0.06 m in Count Median Diameter, which is indicated by U.S. NIOSH and Japan National Assay Specification.
U.S. specification N95 is same as EN specification FFP2 and Japan National Assay specification DS2.
Since there is no standard international specification for masks, testing method varies by each specifications and we cannot simply compare the numerical value.

Medical mask specification
There is no standard specification for medical masks function in Japan. However, the prevention function against fluid such as moist body substance is required in medical front.
As medical mask function, Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) and Pressure Drop (P) are main required specification. In addition to these specification, Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) and Fluid Resistant (FR) are required depending on mask grade.
The following indicates U.S. medical mask specification ASTM (Americn Society for Testing and Materials) F2100.

Medical Mask Specification (ASTM F2100-4)
Characteristics Low level Middle Level High Level
BFE 95 98 98
PFE 98 98
P 4.0mmH2O/cm2 5.0mmH2O/cm2 5.0mmH2O/cm2
FR 80mmHg 120mmHg 160mmHg

Function index of Mask
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency BFE
It indicates filtration efficiency when particles, including bacterium, which average size is 3m are filtered.
Staphylococcus (approximately 3m) is used to test the function of a mask. The function of a mask is better when the number is high. In case of medical masks, it should be more than 95 %.

Particle Filtration Efficiency PFE
It indicates filtration efficacy when fine particles, which average count median diameter isapproximately 0.1m are filtered.
Fine particles (0.1m) is used to test the function of a mask. The function of a mask is better when the number is high.

Air Exchange Pressure mmH2O/cm2 ˡڢP
It indicates the easiness of breathing.
Certain amount of air is passed through masks, and the difference of pressure between both sides are measured.
When the difference is small, it indicates the resistance is small, so that it is easy to breath.
The important point for high function mask is the balance between high level of filtration efficacy and low level of pressure drop.

Fluid Resistant mmHg FR
It indicates the resistant toward fluid when fluid are spread out.
Pressure which is same as blood pressure (80,120,160mmHg) are pass through masks, penetration to the opposite side of mask is checked by eyesight.
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